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Frequently Asked Questions
Is CVS and YesVideo's digital transfer service right for me?

CVS and YesVideo offer easy and convenient services that transfer your media into digital formats. YesVideo's technology preserves your memories and creates complete DVDs with "Hollywood-style" features that are ready to be enjoyed on your DVD player or computer. You can also watch your videos online and share them instantly on Facebook - free with all videotape, movie film and digital video/photo transfers.

Our goal is to provide you with the ability to view, preserve and organize all of your video and photo memories in one digital library.
Why should I trust YesVideo with my memories?

YesVideo has been the nation's leader in professional digital transfers for over a decade. Our team of experienced video technicians handle every order with care, and will transfer all your timeless moments to production-grade digital videos that you will be able to share and enjoy for years to come.
Will my original media be returned?

Yes, all original media is returned to you after your order has been processed.

For film orders the film is cleaned, spliced and combined onto new 400 ft. reels. Your empty reels will be returned, in addition to the new 400 ft. reels containing your original footage.
What is the difference between submitting my order at my CVS photo counter or placing my order directly online?

These options are available to let you select the most convenient method of submitting your order.

If you place it at your local CVS photo counter, a Photo Associate will assist you in preparing your order. The associate will then
handle packing and shipping your order, and it will be returned to the store when it is completed. You will pay at the photo counter
and there are no shipping costs. If you send your order directly to YesVideo, you can gather your memories and ship them at your
most convenient time.

You will pay for your order (plus shipping) with a credit card on this website. When your order is completed, it will be shipped
back to your home address.
Where will my order be sent for processing?

We have two facilities in the United States. Depending on the location of your CVS/pharmacy, your order will either be processed at YesVideo's headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, or our East Coast processing facility in Norcross, GA.

If you choose to order directly online, you will ship your order directly to YesVideo. All direct orders are processed at our
Santa Clara, CA facility.
I have memories stored in a format that is not listed in the list of media types. Can they be transferred?

YesVideo currently does not transfer MiniDVD discs, audio tapes, or photo negatives.

If you have a special media format that is not listed in our Services & Pricing page, please contact our Customer Care team to see if it can be transferred. You can reach a representative seven days a week at or 1-877-817-5375. .
Can I submit a video that was recorded by a professional videographer?

We are capable of transferring professionally recorded footage, but we must follow the US Copyright Laws when transferring all professional footage.

If you have a wedding video or a video recorded by a professional, you must obtain their permission for us to transfer the footage. Orders containing copyrighted material which are not accompanied with a signed copyright waiver form will be returned unprocessed.
Click here to download a copyright waiver form.
What is the process for transferring my videotapes, reels or photos?

Our transfer processes are focused on keeping your memories safe, while creating a high-quality professional transfer of all your footage. Click here for more information on our transfer processes.
Will the quality of my footage be enhanced?

For videotape, the service is strictly a digital transfer service. Your footage will not be enhanced.

For film, slides and prints the footage and images will be enhanced. Dust and lint on the film surface will be removed and scratches can be reduced showing more vibrant colors of your footage.
How can I check on my order while it is being processed?

You can track the progress of your order using the Online Order Tracking System.

You can also contact our Customer Care team at, or 1-877-817-5375.
Will the completed DVD be compatible with my DVD player?

Yes. Your DVDs will play in almost all standalone DVD players today. The DVDs are also Region Free (Region 0), which will allow them to play on foreign DVD players.

On your personal computer, you can play the DVDs on your DVD-ROM drive or watch them online at If you have difficulty playing your DVD on your computer, contact our Customer Care team at 1-877-817-5375 for assistance.
How do I view, edit and share my videos online?

You can access your videos online at, our cloud-based web service for storing your converted videos.

After you digitize your home movies with our transfer service, your digital video files are stored in our secure servers so you can easily view, edit, share and protect your videos online.