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Image Scaning
Slides, Prints & Negatives

We'll transfer photos from all of life's best moments to digital. Every image is captured at an industry leading 12 megapixels, is manually retouched and the photo files are delivered to you on DVD for you to print, share and preserve. Starting at $19.99
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Your photos in digital. All of them!

  • 12 megapixel photo capture - the highest
    resolution in the industry.
  • We manully retouch every image, removing
    red-eye, dust, scratches, repair minor damage,
    & color correction.
  • Data DVD with all your JPEG photo files. Instant
    access for you to share, print or start your next
    creative photo project.

Transfer slides, prints & negatives.

We accept:
photos slides
35mm, Super 35mm, 110, 126, 127 127 SuperSlide, 120/220 Medium Format
Up to 8"x12"
35mm, APS film, 110 film, 110/220 film,
126 "Instamatic", large negatives

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